Janet Woods is a Usui Reiki Master, and Energetic Professional  She offers Reiki treatments during medical procedures such as surgery, and cosmetic procedures. She is also a Certified Medical Reiki Master™ , trained in best practices for giving Reiki treatments in medical facilities. She has been personally trained  and attuned by Raven Keyes, who was part of the original Complementary Alternative Medical programs  at Colombia Presbyterian Hospital lead by Dr. Mehmet Oz


Medical Reiki™ is the practice of bringing healing power into an operating room by a Certified Medical Reiki Master™ attuned to the power of Reiki and trained to transmit that healing power during surgery while working safely and unobtrusively with the surgical team.

Reiki is known to bring feelings of calmness and a felling of well being to the patient. It floods the body with the energy needed for a speedy and effective healing. Reiki ihas been shown to be a very important tool for maintaining and restoring wellness following illness and medical procedures. . When used during surgery, it has been found that there are numerous benefits such as blood pressure remaining steady,and there is less bleeding, in addition to less pain medications are needed  following surgical procedures

Medical Reiki™ is also a  specialized protocol in the practice of Integrative Medicine. It is based on the Gold Standards and Practices developed by Raven Keyes for bringing the loving and healing power of Reiki to patients during surgeries or during other medical treatments performed in medical facilities and clinics , such as chemotherapy, preoperative preparation and postoperative care.

Dr. Oz has had Reiki Masters as as Raven Keyes in the operating room offering Reiki treatment to his patients during open heart surgery and Dr. Sheldon Mark Feldman, one of the nation’s top breast cancer surgeons, also had Raven in his  surgical room focusing on Reiki treatment for the patient.


It is important for you , the patient to have your surgeon’s permission for Janet to be present during the surgery This must be approved in writing, and we recommend you seek permission as part of your preoperative preparation. We believe it is  ideal to receive Reiki throughout your entire process. Staring with diagnosis to preoperative preparation and postoperative care, in addition to maintenance.